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So, the display on my Gazelle went on the fritz. Actually, the batteries went dead, but when I put new ones in, the display would turn on, but not actually work. The lights were on, but no one was home…

So I’ve done my last four exercise sessions using the alarm on my cell phone to tell me when thirty-minutes is up. I have no clue how much mileage or calories that is, but given it was about 2 – 2.5 miles before the display crapped out, I’m gonna say that’s what I’m still doing.

While I exercise, I’ve been watching a little tv, trying to catch up on the shows I have DVRed from as farm back as premiere week. Watched a little of CSI:NY and Hawaii 5-0.

I’ve also been discovering that (despite having the tv on), my brain is very active when I am exercising. As usual, the muses come out to play when I *can’t* stop and write. This time, it’s the characters from a short fantasy story I wrote a couple of years ago, wanting me to expand their world into something bigger… and a general summary for different fantasy story about a world where magic has been abolished for the last hundred years and a little girl who was born a mage.

It’s a shame I’m writing a romance novel for NaNoWriMo, huh? Why couldn’t those muses be the ones talking to me while I glide away on my Gazelle?

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A friend and I have been talking about the need (for both of us) to exercise more often. She was doing well when she was doing the Weight Watchers program, but hasn’t been doing that recently due to monetary constraints. I just plain suck at following through if I don’t have a “buddy” to keep me motivated.

We’ve vowed to to this together. Share how we’re doing and keep each other going.

She’s got four days on me, so far, but now that my house isn’t totally wrecked from the bathroom renovations and I have my Gazelle up and working, I’ve done two days in a row.

Today… 2.24 miles, for a total of 272.0 calories burned. I did 2 miles even yesterday, and 245 calories. Not too shabby.

Don’t be surprised if I post on this every couple of days, just so I can keep track on my own.

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