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I just heard about Elisabeth Sladen. 

As a strictly New Who casual fan, I barely have the past with Sarah Jane that others might have had, but I loved her for the little I saw of her.  She was everything I imagine a former companion of the Doctor would be.  Strong, independent, and heroic… compassionate and loyal… loving. 

I wish I’d known her better, and by her I mean both the character and the actress who brought brought her to life. 

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You are yummy, but I have another muse who is threatening to find many, many ways to kill you if you don't give my brain back.

Especially if you and Ianto aren't actually going to shag any time soon.

*ahem* Just saying.
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Day 07 – Least favorite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise

This may actually be more of a television writing thing these days, but a plot device I am totally disenchanted with is the one where your hero/heroine is  stripped of everyone/everything important to them.  Trials and tribulations (ala Job or Hercules, or Percy Jackson and Harry Potter) are supposed to test our heroes and allow for personal growth, not to diminish or wear them down.

Even Hercules got his reward in the end and made a few friends along the way.

I can’t actually think of any recent book examples of how I don’t like this plot device, but in terms of television, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Captain Jack Harkness come to mind as characters I’ve loved who keep getting broken down by the people who write them.  If I was reading books about them, I would stop because the hopelessness would be suffocating.

For those keeping track… the master list of these questions is here.

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I have been totally obsessed with BBC's Sherlock recently, and as such, have been thinking about crossovers I would love to see fanworks for. 

The most obvious:

Doctor Who & Torchwood

but I'd also like to see:

House, MD

Recs (because I have them)

A Study In Time - an awesomely wonderful, totally brilliant vid/trailer for a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover, by [ profile] di_br

Nothing Human is Alien to Me - and equally as awesome Sherlock/Torchwood crossover, in which Sherlock proclaims Jack to be "impossible" and Lestrade is groped in his car (among other things) , by [ profile] marag

Okay, so... if anyone has recs they'd love to share re: the above crossovers... fic, vids, manips, macros... feel free to share the love!

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[community profile] comment_fic has this delightful Torchwood prompt that has been messing with my mind for days now. The trouble is, I've never written Torchwood before and have only dabbled in DW (shortfics I can't possibly screw up, you know?), so I'm a bit nervous about trying the bunny that hopped into my head.

I was wondering, dear Flist... if I were to write it up sometime today, would one of you be able to give it a quick beta? You know, so I don't make a complete fool of myself?

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... and yet I am still downloading it.  (I blame [ profile] azarsuerte for luring me into the realm of downloading and several individuals on my flist for providing the goods.)

I told the husband, because he's been watching along side me for the last 2 hours and his response was a aghast/indignant "What!?  They CAN'T _do that_ )

I will probably watch it tomorrow, though, since it's almost 1:30 and the download is not quite half way. 

I just want to know one thing.... who thought THIS was a good idea?  cutting for lots of reasons )

And to think, I was looking forward to the return of Torchwood, too.   

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