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… but sometimes you read things on the Internet that really stand out.

Or make you go “WTF?”

Woman Obsessed with Facebook Game Neglects Kids, Starves Dogs

I don’t know what to say.  I have known people who spend a lot of time on the computer, playing games.  I am sometimes one of those.  But to me ‘a lot of time of time on the computer’ is me having the computer on while I clean the house whether I’m on it or not.  I play Sims games, but usually for a couple of hours during the school week, because I share the computer it’s on with my daughter.  I do Facebook, but it’s first thing in the morning, before school, while I’m having my coffee. (If at all, because I don’t think I’ve touched FB except to upload pictures from my cell phone in over a week. Ooops.)

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FOX cancelled Dollhouse.

They keep doing that to Joss, damn it. Just like they did with Chris Carter. Get one hit out of them and then cancel everything else they ever do.

*mourns for Firefly and The Lone Gunmen*

*kicks FOX… hard*

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My nine year old daughter just brought home her school pictures for me to look at. We’re supposed to either keep them and send in a payment, or return the to school.

They look nice, don’t they? Except for one, small detail. I think they were photoshopped… and badly!

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So, there's this sick fuck of a plagiarist out there plagiarizing the late great [ profile] thamiris, right? 

Not just the awesome fanfic, mind you, but LJ entries and COMMMENTS, too.

Yeah, comments, too. 

I'm wondering if maybe he's so stupid that he doesn't know how to think for himself.  Because yeah... stupid stupid stupid. 
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So, I’m reading fic on a House fic comm and stumble across something that smacks of “wow! this person is incredibly lazy!”

The poster in question only posts the headers to their fic and then says “just click on my user name to get to the chapter.”

No links. No fake cuts. Just instructions to click on their user name.

And what makes it worse… I check out the journal. This person is posting a House novel in WIP form. Very soon, all the first chapters are going to off her front page, and depending on how long her “novel” is, they will be back further than just a few pages.

And…. what happens if a couple of months from now when someone who stumbles across their stuff for the very first time clicks on the user name and doesn’t actually find the chapter in question because it’s replaced by two or three months worth of other posts???

Several questions leap to mind:

1. How hard is it to post a measly little link?

2. Why should I paw through days, weeks or month worth of posts just to find the one I’m looking for because it wasn’t linked to the post I found it in?

3. Why are you assuming that other people are going to be willing to do that in the first place?

4. Do you actually want people to read your fiction?

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