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I just heard about Elisabeth Sladen. 

As a strictly New Who casual fan, I barely have the past with Sarah Jane that others might have had, but I loved her for the little I saw of her.  She was everything I imagine a former companion of the Doctor would be.  Strong, independent, and heroic… compassionate and loyal… loving. 

I wish I’d known her better, and by her I mean both the character and the actress who brought brought her to life. 

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  • Babysat Levi  *happy sigh*baby smell*happy sigh*
  • made banana and apple chip on the dehydrator (Son helped place fruit on the trays.  He liked that. )
  • washed dishes
  • watched Son paint "masterpieces" with water color paint and my computer paper (have I mentioned Son has awesome imagination for a 3 year old?)
  • Submitted two Who-related prompts to comment_fic.  Suspect no one will fill them, but hey!
  • Typed this post. 
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As [ profile] medie reported in her journal, my son and I were in the ER tonight.

the whole story )

I really do want to thank Medie and everyone else who sent out good thoughts, so thank you all so much.
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Just so you all know... we made it home from the wedding okay and I started back working on getting parts of I&Q back up.  I'm almost done with the section I was on but it's gone slower than I thought because last week was extremely busy for me.  In addition to last days of school for Brenna, we brought Steve's niece Carrie back with us and have been adjusting to her as well as getting back into the swing of things.

And then yesterday happened... Yesterday... Mickey was on the trampoline with Brenna and Carrie and fell wrong... he has a hairline fracture on the tibia, just below his knee.  We spent most the afternoon in the ER.  They put him in a splint and he sees his regular doctor tomorrow at 7 am.  After that, he needs to see a orthopedic doctor.  The poor little guy!  He is not supposed t walk or move at all until after he sees the orthopedic doc, so .... yeah... how to tell an active 2 year old he can't do something?

Anyway... I'm tired, headachey and not looking forward to trying to catch up on the house work I did not get done yesterday while keeping Mickey from trying to move. 


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Well, here's a hodge podge of things to share today. 

We took Steve to the airport today and I fought tears all the way home.  more on that front )

This year, I joined [ profile] embodiment, which is a challenge to keep an actual, physical journal and write in it daily.  My intro post is here and today's entry is here

And I officially opened the new comm I created, [ profile] quote_fics.  It's a fic comm which uses quotes as prompts.  Posted the first set this morning after Dick Clark's New Year's thing. 

So click the image, check it out, join, pimp, whatever.  Please?  *begs* 

And lastly... my end of the year fanfic round up is here.

It's depressing, isn't it?  I need to write more, people!

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