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well, what do you know? It really does in southern Virginia! (and I mean more than the usual half an inch that melts by noon.)

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We went up to Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. It went okay and last night it snowed!

Click the image of the kitty (not related to the topic, but was the first picture in the album *g*) to view pics of the day. :-)


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Steve mentioned this last night, so I thought I would share.

My son and his little girl friend, Haley, were garden gnomes for Halloween this year.

From Halloween 2009

Aren’t they cute?

So, anyway… half way through trick or treating, Mickey’s basket is full, so I take him home to man the candy dish with Steve, right?

So, most the time, Steve said Mickey was good. He sat on the porch, munched on candy and played.

A couple of times, however, he sat so still that people coming up to the porch thought he was a real garden gnome, and he wound upi scaring them when he’d suddenly move! Steve said he scared several people that way.

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