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My daughter is ten years old (almost eleven) and in the fifth grade. She has to do a book report and the book needs to be a mystery. I’ve suggested Nancy Drew to her, because I started reading them at her age, and it’s… you know, Nancy Drew. But I was wondering if there weren’t any other age-appropriate mystery stories I could point her to, as well? Just for flavor.

It cannot be the Cam Jensen series, because that’s lower than her current reading level and her teachers specifically nixed those. I know I have some avid readers and a couple of librarians who might be reading this, so if you have an recs you can throw at, we’d be grateful. :-)

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Well, NaNoWriMo started yesterday and I am off to good start. I did, however, make a switch from the romance novel plot to a fantasy story whose characters have been yakking my ears off for the last couple of weeks. Gotta write what’s actually speaking to me, because that’s what might get finished.

I’m still not sure if I am going to share my progress for people to read. If I do, it’ll be done privately (on my personal blog with a password or on LJ/DW in an flocked post). If you’re at all interested in reading it, comment and should I decided to share, I’ll add you to the filter.

In other news, my daughter had off yesterday and today from school, and we’ve had a busy couple of days. We went to JC Penney’s yesterday for pictures, out to lunch and grocery shopping… and today was flu shots all around. Loads of fun, huh?

Now I have to get started on today’s NaNo wordage, because My Girl has soccer practice later on tonight. Her last of the season. Seems like it flew by this year!

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So, the display on my Gazelle went on the fritz. Actually, the batteries went dead, but when I put new ones in, the display would turn on, but not actually work. The lights were on, but no one was home…

So I’ve done my last four exercise sessions using the alarm on my cell phone to tell me when thirty-minutes is up. I have no clue how much mileage or calories that is, but given it was about 2 – 2.5 miles before the display crapped out, I’m gonna say that’s what I’m still doing.

While I exercise, I’ve been watching a little tv, trying to catch up on the shows I have DVRed from as farm back as premiere week. Watched a little of CSI:NY and Hawaii 5-0.

I’ve also been discovering that (despite having the tv on), my brain is very active when I am exercising. As usual, the muses come out to play when I *can’t* stop and write. This time, it’s the characters from a short fantasy story I wrote a couple of years ago, wanting me to expand their world into something bigger… and a general summary for different fantasy story about a world where magic has been abolished for the last hundred years and a little girl who was born a mage.

It’s a shame I’m writing a romance novel for NaNoWriMo, huh? Why couldn’t those muses be the ones talking to me while I glide away on my Gazelle?

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A friend and I have been talking about the need (for both of us) to exercise more often. She was doing well when she was doing the Weight Watchers program, but hasn’t been doing that recently due to monetary constraints. I just plain suck at following through if I don’t have a “buddy” to keep me motivated.

We’ve vowed to to this together. Share how we’re doing and keep each other going.

She’s got four days on me, so far, but now that my house isn’t totally wrecked from the bathroom renovations and I have my Gazelle up and working, I’ve done two days in a row.

Today… 2.24 miles, for a total of 272.0 calories burned. I did 2 miles even yesterday, and 245 calories. Not too shabby.

Don’t be surprised if I post on this every couple of days, just so I can keep track on my own.

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So… back when I was in college, I used to subscribe to a magazine called the Writer’s Journal. I first stumbled across it when we were in Italy, at the base book store. It was cheap and it gave me something to do, because of the bi-monthly Write-to-Win contests, in which they provided a starter sentence or phrase and you finished it off in 1500 words or less.

One of my stories won, and back then, the only prize the magazine offered was one-time publication and the squee-factor of seeing my writing in print.

I let my subscription lapse years ago, mainly due to financial situations which made keeping magazines paid for difficult.

Tonight I can’t sleep, so I’m watching television and surfing the web, and I stumble across that same little magazine in a listing on Curious to see if they’re doing the Write-to-Win, I googled and discovered that yes, they are, and that now, the winner also gets $150.

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… but sometimes you read things on the Internet that really stand out.

Or make you go “WTF?”

Woman Obsessed with Facebook Game Neglects Kids, Starves Dogs

I don’t know what to say.  I have known people who spend a lot of time on the computer, playing games.  I am sometimes one of those.  But to me ‘a lot of time of time on the computer’ is me having the computer on while I clean the house whether I’m on it or not.  I play Sims games, but usually for a couple of hours during the school week, because I share the computer it’s on with my daughter.  I do Facebook, but it’s first thing in the morning, before school, while I’m having my coffee. (If at all, because I don’t think I’ve touched FB except to upload pictures from my cell phone in over a week. Ooops.)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about September 11, 2001 this past week.  In that, I know that I am not alone.  Today, in the United States and all over the world, people just like me have spent at at the very least, a few minutes in thoughtful reflection, saying prayers, or remembering where we were that day.

I cannot tell you how much it pains me that, nine years later, we are still fighting the war we embarked upon after these attacks.  Twice since September 11, 2001, I have kissed my husband good-bye and watched him board a plane bound for Afghanistan.  Twice I have told my children “Daddy will be okay.  He’ll be home before you know it” and then spent fifteen months  praying that I won’t have lied to them. 

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Which is pretty much what I’ve been thinking today.  We bought my daughter new sneakers last month and she came to me yesterday morning, wearing them, plopped her foot up on the chair next me and said “THIS is where my toes are!”

All the way at the end of the shoe.

In other words, she’s already outgrown them!

Ugh.  Off to Kmart!

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Well, this year, my little girl is in 5th grade. For her school, it’s the top of the school, her final year. In June, she’ll graduate and head off to Middle School. Next year, while she’s in middle school, her brother will start pre-K. Yeah, I did tear up a little when I realized it.

Traditional First Day Pictures

More beneath the cut…

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March is Youth Art Month, and every year, the Chrysler Museum here in Norfolk celebrates this by showcases art from all of Norfolk Public Schools.

Yesterday, my daughter came home from school with an invitation to attend the opening of the exhibit because she was one of the artists on display.

Brenna’s mask is the one on the right, the one she’s standing next to. I apologize for the quality of the picture. The batteries in my camera decided to die, so I had to take it with my cell phone.

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So…hmmm… why yes… I *did* actually stay up til Midnight+ some waiting for the tax refund to drop into my account so I could then rush over to and order my new laptop right away… before the $$ ran out.

New machine is here, if anyone is interested?

It’s an Acer Aspire, single core Athlon processor, 160 gig hard drive, 3 gig ram, and a fairly decent graphics card.

Anyone want to help me name it, while I’m waiting to go pick it up?

My old laptop is aptly named… Debbie-PC, with the added description of “They’ve Never Given Me a Name.” (Obscure Veggie Tales reference for 100, please Alex.)

My gaming desktop is The Geek, named after my most favorite and tragically lost Sims 2 Legacy family, the Giekes. Who were, as I mentioned, tragically lost when lightning struck and fried the old computer.

So… this one should be named… help me out, peeps!

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… including turn it off.

I found this link really helpful, as I’ve decided, for now, not to use Google Buzz. Maybe when they get the bugs out of it.

In general, I like Google Chat and Gmail. Buzz looked neat, but sometime Thursday decided I shouldn’t be able to comment to friends’ buzzes. And then there’s the whole global tracking issues. Not sure I’m keen on those, but whatevs…

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I’m beginning to think that I will never see Sherlock Holmes while it’s still popular on my flist.

My husband promised to take me to see it last weekend, when it finally hit the base theatre. It snowed last weekend and the base was shut down til Tuesday.

So, they have 3 air times for this weekend (1, 4 pm on Saturday and 4 pm on Sunday) and guess what? There’s supposed to be snow AGAIN this weekend, too. Any bets on the base being shut down again?

The next air time is Feb. 12 at 7 pm… and while the Weather Channel isn’t calling for snow that day, I’m not sure what to expect anymore.

Darn it, I want to see this movie so badly! *kicks Mother Nature hard*

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well, what do you know? It really does in southern Virginia! (and I mean more than the usual half an inch that melts by noon.)

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My daughter does Jump Rope for Heart every year, and every year, the school sends out the forms/donation folder 5 days before it’s all due, leaving her with no time to raise money.

Again, it’s happened again, only instead of Jumping rope, they will be shooting hoops.

It’s for the American Heart Association, so you know it’s a good cause.

Her personal page is here, where you can make a donation (if at all possible):

She wants to raise $125, and has already gutted own piggy bank for a donation of $15.

I’m really hoping someone can help her reach her goal, even on short notice.


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I took a lot of pictures between Mickey’s birthday and Christmas…

Mickey’s Birthday

Mickey’s Birthday 2009

Our visit to the Garden of Lights, at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

Garden of Lights 2009

The Kids Sledding with Daddy


Christmas Day with Gramma and Grandpa

Christmas 2009

We have more snow today and I’m about to get off the laptop to take them out to play. :-)

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1. I am 15k into NaNoWriMo and have not (yet) resorted to free-range porn.

2. The husband was home before 4 p.m. tonight.

3. He’s generously taking over all my usual nighttime chores so I can finish writing for the night. This includes dinner, dishes, and bathing the boy.

4. I’m done writing, so I basically have the rest of the night to myself.

5. Three words: breakfast for dinner


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My nine year old daughter just brought home her school pictures for me to look at. We’re supposed to either keep them and send in a payment, or return the to school.

They look nice, don’t they? Except for one, small detail. I think they were photoshopped… and badly!

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