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As I told [ profile] medie earlier, today is a good day to be alive.  I don't care who you are or where you are from... today is a very good day to be living in a world with Barack Obama as the President of the United States. 

*re-reads that slowly*

It brings tears to my eyes to read it, even to think it in my mind, because of the sheer magnitude of hope I feel knowing he will be leading us through these troubled times.

Hope, and determination, not greed or vengeance or violence, are the things we as people of the whole world, need the most of right now. 

It is my wish on this Inauguration night that hope endures and carries us through the next four years.  

Good night, Mr. President, wherever you are now.

And God bless you.

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Well, my absentee ballot arrived today and I have voted, sealed it, addressed it, stamped it, and will personally drive it to the mailbox tomorrow right after I take my daughter to school.


If you have to ask who I voted for, you haven’t been paying attention.  ;-)




Seriously, though, this is my ‘first election.’  I have never voted before, and maybe I should be ashamed to say that, but I am more proud to say that I have done so now, for this election, when so much seems to be at stake.  The United States is at a crossroads of great importance and the next president will be the one to lead us through this intersection. Where we go from here, as a nation, depends on whom elect.


 So yes, I am very proud and excited to say that I have voted.   

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