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[ profile] medie has been hard at work getting everyone's [ profile] fandom_stockings up ready to be stuffed... here's mine.

I totally forgot to say that I would adore icons or dustjackets for my fics when I filled out my form this year.

Ah well, it's not like I'm writing that much fic these days anyway.


Except you know, that I did post something today .... and the fact that reloading my fanfics to my archive (for hopefully the last time) has rekindled my interest in writing. I actually want to, even though I don't have any decent plot bunnies to explore in *current fandoms.*

Prompts... people could give me prompts... you know, if you wanted to.

And randomly... I need new icons. In general, I need new icons.
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ladybria is a rather creative hotlinker. She’s hotlinking to a variety of people’s icons form a variety of places… livejournal, greatest journal and BBS forums around the Net.

Not only that, but she’s apparently using the icons as some form of pointless decoration for her posts. I see no point in it.

I’m passing this on because some of the icons look familiar in an “I’ve seen these on my f-list” kind of way. Check her out. She has any of yours, raise hell. Report her to LJ abuse, and above all, spread the word. If enough of her victims step forward, maybe she’ll be beaten into submission remove them.

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I’m f-locking this, because I don’t really want to hurt someone’s feelings.

I have some very talented icon makers on my f-list, and occassionally, the make me icons as gifts. LIke the one I’m using as a default right now, which was made by azarsuerte for me, as a birthday gift. It matches the layout she, angelsgracie and medie conspired to give me as a surprise for my birthday.

Today, someone answered a post I made a couple of days ago, in which I said I wanted an icon of Cam (SG-1) with a specific text on it. This someone, I have never seen on my LJ before, so it’s a new someone, but they made me the icon I wanted. Then they replied to their own comment saying they were “so snagging the kissmeImIrish one for seasonal use next March.”

Now… this is the second time azarsuerte has made me a specific icon as a gift and someone has wanted to snag it. The first time it happened, the person told me they were snagging it while using the icon in question as their comment-icon. This time, it wasn’t so much asking as telling me they intended to take it.

Which means, of course, that azarsuerte should get her own icon-journal and start handing them out freely. ;-)

But me? I’m torn between saying “okay use it” (because they did give me the Cam icon) and “OMG! WTF?”

Instead, I decided to go a different route and told the person straight up that this icon was a birthday present and that I wouldn’t feel right letting someone take it without azarsuerte’s blessing, because she made it for me. As a gift.

I am, however, extremely bothered by the idea that people think it’s okay to just browse your icons and take what they like. Their your icons. Unless you have them in a post saying “feel free to use these” they shouldn’t be taking them.

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