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Well, I really haven't been doing fannish things lately. I spent most of last year miserably behind on most of my shows, I think that was part of it.

Anyway... talking to [personal profile] azarsuerte tonight on the phone and I was telling her how I've been re-reading the Dresden Files books, and I'm about halfway through the series and Harry's been digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole that, as I put it to Azar... "it's be easier to just drop Jack Harkness into the middle of it and let him sex their way out of this mess."

And.... because Jack is Jack... and Jack is just that way... he peeked into the corner of my brain where the Dresden Files characters reside... and decided he would like very much to meet Thomas Raith.  *facepalm*

Someone please tell Jack no.  Please.

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Had the most delightfully borderline r-rated dream last night, starring our very own Gibbs/DiNozzo.

It involved them investing a death at a vacation resort and a time share scam. At one point, they get mistaken for a couple looking to get a time share, and have to act the part by being... affectionate.

*eyes it*

There are loopholes, naturally. Like why they would need to be affectionate in front of the resort employee giving them the tour of the cabins, but it worked in the dream. And there was lots of kisses and touches.

*happy sigh*

I love dreams like that, don't you?
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So... I've managed to get 7 stockings stuff for [ profile] fandom_stocking so far.

Two are graphics goodies but the other 5 are drabbles... three of which constitute new fandoms for me to write in and one a new pairing in an old fandom. It's the most I've written in about a year.
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[ profile] medie has been hard at work getting everyone's [ profile] fandom_stockings up ready to be stuffed... here's mine.

I totally forgot to say that I would adore icons or dustjackets for my fics when I filled out my form this year.

Ah well, it's not like I'm writing that much fic these days anyway.


Except you know, that I did post something today .... and the fact that reloading my fanfics to my archive (for hopefully the last time) has rekindled my interest in writing. I actually want to, even though I don't have any decent plot bunnies to explore in *current fandoms.*

Prompts... people could give me prompts... you know, if you wanted to.

And randomly... I need new icons. In general, I need new icons.
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(If you don’t have medie on your f-list or don’t know who she is, but are still on this filter, please let me know so I don’t spam you inadvertantly. *g*)

As most of you probably know, it’s been a rough few months for our medie. Her nice, shiny new (comparatively) computer has actually worked probably a total of one month’s worth of days in the past six months, has had to go back to the shop at least three or four times, and she’s understandably a little discouraged about the prospect of that changing any time soon.

Well, azarsuerte, angelsgracie and I want to do something about that. We have a couple of ideas up our sleeves (so keep watching this space!), the first being: Medie Appreciation Day.

Why? Because medie is a generous soul who has given a lot to fandom–not only in the form of icons, fic, graphics, meta, etc. but just by being herself. And we want to give her a little something back, to remind her that we haven’t forgotten her in the months she hasn’t been able to be as active on-line, and just to show how much we love and miss her. But we need your help to pull it off!

We’ve set aside February 28th as the day, which should give you about a month to put something together. :-) We’ll take anything–fic, icons, art, shout-outs…heck, go meta on a subject you know she’s interested in. ;-) Entries will be posted to [ profile] girl_sandburg, starting at midnight on Feb. 26th/27th, and azarsuerte, angelsgracie and I will present it to her on the 28th. :-)

If you have any questions about what to do, or if you want to contribute but aren’t going to be around on those days, feel free to ask any of the three of us. :-)

Thanks so much in advance!

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