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Which is pretty much what I’ve been thinking today.  We bought my daughter new sneakers last month and she came to me yesterday morning, wearing them, plopped her foot up on the chair next me and said “THIS is where my toes are!”

All the way at the end of the shoe.

In other words, she’s already outgrown them!

Ugh.  Off to Kmart!

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Well, this year, my little girl is in 5th grade. For her school, it’s the top of the school, her final year. In June, she’ll graduate and head off to Middle School. Next year, while she’s in middle school, her brother will start pre-K. Yeah, I did tear up a little when I realized it.

Traditional First Day Pictures

More beneath the cut…

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March is Youth Art Month, and every year, the Chrysler Museum here in Norfolk celebrates this by showcases art from all of Norfolk Public Schools.

Yesterday, my daughter came home from school with an invitation to attend the opening of the exhibit because she was one of the artists on display.

Brenna’s mask is the one on the right, the one she’s standing next to. I apologize for the quality of the picture. The batteries in my camera decided to die, so I had to take it with my cell phone.

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My daughter's birthday is today.  She's ten now... oh my!  It makes me feel so very old, and so very nostalgic for the days when she was little and cuddly.  Now she's in double digits and oh my!

We have her a bowling party yesterdaya nd everyone she invited, except one, showed up.  It was a lot of fun!

pictures of my 10 yr old )

And my birthday is Wednesday, aka St. Patrick's Day.  I'll be subtracting a year this year instead of gaining one.   Wearing green in honor of the day.  How 'bout you?  I'd put in my usual request for St. Patrick's Day fic, but no one ever takes me up on that offer.  *pouts sadly*

Anyway... in the aftermath of the birthday party preparations and then the birthday party... I have a headache I haven't been able to shake all day.  Have dowsed myself with Excredin Migraine to no avail, and am just miserable. 

Instead of sharing my misery... I come bearing Things of Joy, courtesy of [ profile] marag

Never the Twain and Two Strong Men Stand, her DC/Sherlock Holmes crossovers of awesomeness, in which Bruce Wayne has been sent back in time and it's up to Tim and Holmes to find him... provided they can cut through the bs long enough to work together.  *g*  I'm *sooooooooooooooooooo* Mara writes more and more and more of this, so go forth and read, flist, and be sure to tell her how wonderful it is!

And because it's been a while... "these recs and more, on my recs list."  ;-)

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well, what do you know? It really does in southern Virginia! (and I mean more than the usual half an inch that melts by noon.)

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I took a lot of pictures between Mickey’s birthday and Christmas…

Mickey’s Birthday

Mickey’s Birthday 2009

Our visit to the Garden of Lights, at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

Garden of Lights 2009

The Kids Sledding with Daddy


Christmas Day with Gramma and Grandpa

Christmas 2009

We have more snow today and I’m about to get off the laptop to take them out to play. :-)

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We went up to Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. It went okay and last night it snowed!

Click the image of the kitty (not related to the topic, but was the first picture in the album *g*) to view pics of the day. :-)


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Moving right alone…

I am surprised because I had a late start writing and a LOT of distractions. Brenna was home from school due to election day and the phone kept ringing. Also, I had a rough night last night and wound up awake until 2 a.m. Only to be woken up again at 3:30 and 4-something by the husband, who was not feeling well.

But despite the rough start and the feeling that I was pulling teeth today, I still managed to get my word count.

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Steve mentioned this last night, so I thought I would share.

My son and his little girl friend, Haley, were garden gnomes for Halloween this year.

From Halloween 2009

Aren’t they cute?

So, anyway… half way through trick or treating, Mickey’s basket is full, so I take him home to man the candy dish with Steve, right?

So, most the time, Steve said Mickey was good. He sat on the porch, munched on candy and played.

A couple of times, however, he sat so still that people coming up to the porch thought he was a real garden gnome, and he wound upi scaring them when he’d suddenly move! Steve said he scared several people that way.

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As [ profile] medie reported in her journal, my son and I were in the ER tonight.

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I really do want to thank Medie and everyone else who sent out good thoughts, so thank you all so much.
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Just so you all know... we made it home from the wedding okay and I started back working on getting parts of I&Q back up.  I'm almost done with the section I was on but it's gone slower than I thought because last week was extremely busy for me.  In addition to last days of school for Brenna, we brought Steve's niece Carrie back with us and have been adjusting to her as well as getting back into the swing of things.

And then yesterday happened... Yesterday... Mickey was on the trampoline with Brenna and Carrie and fell wrong... he has a hairline fracture on the tibia, just below his knee.  We spent most the afternoon in the ER.  They put him in a splint and he sees his regular doctor tomorrow at 7 am.  After that, he needs to see a orthopedic doctor.  The poor little guy!  He is not supposed t walk or move at all until after he sees the orthopedic doc, so .... yeah... how to tell an active 2 year old he can't do something?

Anyway... I'm tired, headachey and not looking forward to trying to catch up on the house work I did not get done yesterday while keeping Mickey from trying to move. 


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So, I’m reading fic on a House fic comm and stumble across something that smacks of “wow! this person is incredibly lazy!”

The poster in question only posts the headers to their fic and then says “just click on my user name to get to the chapter.”

No links. No fake cuts. Just instructions to click on their user name.

And what makes it worse… I check out the journal. This person is posting a House novel in WIP form. Very soon, all the first chapters are going to off her front page, and depending on how long her “novel” is, they will be back further than just a few pages.

And…. what happens if a couple of months from now when someone who stumbles across their stuff for the very first time clicks on the user name and doesn’t actually find the chapter in question because it’s replaced by two or three months worth of other posts???

Several questions leap to mind:

1. How hard is it to post a measly little link?

2. Why should I paw through days, weeks or month worth of posts just to find the one I’m looking for because it wasn’t linked to the post I found it in?

3. Why are you assuming that other people are going to be willing to do that in the first place?

4. Do you actually want people to read your fiction?

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