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Well, I really haven't been doing fannish things lately. I spent most of last year miserably behind on most of my shows, I think that was part of it.

Anyway... talking to [personal profile] azarsuerte tonight on the phone and I was telling her how I've been re-reading the Dresden Files books, and I'm about halfway through the series and Harry's been digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole that, as I put it to Azar... "it's be easier to just drop Jack Harkness into the middle of it and let him sex their way out of this mess."

And.... because Jack is Jack... and Jack is just that way... he peeked into the corner of my brain where the Dresden Files characters reside... and decided he would like very much to meet Thomas Raith.  *facepalm*

Someone please tell Jack no.  Please.

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Last night, [ profile] azarsuerte and I were chatting, while working on our [ profile] au_bigbang fics and helping each other fnd something that passes for titles. She's writing Dr. Who and I'm doing a bigger fic set in my Immortal!Gibbs universe.

Stayed up til almost 2am (EST, my time but not for her), and then I said good night, got a shower and went to bed.

Ony to have dreams of Immortal Gibbs and his friend/lover,Tony DiNozzo, looking for the Doctor (who, as it turns out is an old friend of Gibbs) in a squalor-ridden third world town - in which a 4 year old boy has been 'ruling' the town like a dictator because he's possessed by some kind of ... other worldly something. The other worldly somethng has given the boy knowledge of the Doctor, and he, in turn, has the entire very frightened town looking for him, too.

If ony I wrote actual Dr. Who fic. This would be awesome as a crossover. Which group would find the Doctor in time? Could Gibbs convince the townsfolk that the Doctor would rid them of their pint-sized dictator? Is Jack traveling with the Doctor and if yes, is he still pining for poor Ianto or ready to bounce back by flirting with Tony. Will Gibbs head slap him for daring such chicanery?

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