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So I'm looking at my au_bingo table (sadly, very empty) and have been pondering which of the prompts are actually feasible for me to write.

Today, I'm looking at Other: Disney and Other: Film Noir.

What do you think, flist?

Beckett & Castle ala "the Princess and the Frog" or Leroy Jethro Gibbs as a surly hard-boiled detective with a past he can't escape?
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Title: Oatmeal and a Fresh Look
Author: [ profile] debc
Spoilers:(if any)  None
Rating:  G
Characters/Pairing:  Castle, Beckett

Summary:  writers aren’t the only ones who get blocked; Castle helps Beckett get past it.

Written for [ profile] picfor1000, my picture is here. Thank you to [ profile] storydivagirl and [ profile] dragonsinger for the beta reading and encouragement. :-)
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I need a beta reader for a Castle fic for [ profile] picfor1000. It's 1000 words, gen, Castle 1st person pov.

Takers, anyone?

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