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[community profile] comment_fic has this delightful Torchwood prompt that has been messing with my mind for days now. The trouble is, I've never written Torchwood before and have only dabbled in DW (shortfics I can't possibly screw up, you know?), so I'm a bit nervous about trying the bunny that hopped into my head.

I was wondering, dear Flist... if I were to write it up sometime today, would one of you be able to give it a quick beta? You know, so I don't make a complete fool of myself?

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I need a beta reader for a Castle fic for [ profile] picfor1000. It's 1000 words, gen, Castle 1st person pov.

Takers, anyone?
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I find myself in need of a full time NCIS beta reader, preferably someone who also is fluent in Highlander: the Series.

I'm intending to end my year long fanfic hiatus with a crossover series where one of the NCIS team is an Immortal. Guest appearances from my favorite Immies likely. Fics will most likely be in the 500 - 1000 word range, but could go long if a decent plotty plotty presents itself.

I have one shortfic for the series that needs a beta right now, actually, as it's a belated Christmas gift for a friend.
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I need a quick beta read on a Stargate SG-1/Bones crossover I worte for azarsuerte’s birthday. It has to be quick, because I have to post it to [ profile] _news_is_good before she gets home from San Diego today.

Does anyone out there know enough (or anything) about both shows to give me a hand? *begs* *pleads* *gives you puppy dog eyes*

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