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Day 02 – A book or series you wish more people were reading and talking about:

I’m going with the Millennium series (aka The Girl With…) by Stieg Larsson for today’s question, and for mostly purely selfish reasons… I would love to know who of friends have read them, what they think, and if they think I would like them.

Browsing the website (linked above) I’ve discovered on my own that Pippi Longstocking was supposedly the inspiration for the main character, which I find intriguing because my daughter is obsessed with Pippi right now.

I probably will be adding these to my “to read” list soon, but if you had read them, please feel free to give me spoiler-free recommendations/warnings.

For those keeping track… the master list of these questions is here.

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Day 01 – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!)

I’m answering the second half of this question – a book series I wish would just end already – with the Anita Blake series, by Laurel K. Hamilton.

I was first introduced to the books in college (I think, though it could possibly have been later) by a friend, who had bought the first one because of the picture of the St. Louis arch on the cover. We read them and shared the books by buying the paperbacks and mailing them to each other. She didn’t like to read “the smutty parts” (which at the time were not all that bad, and didn’t take up half the book) so I would read them and report back to her with a summary of how it went and how it impacted the story.

I really enjoyed them, at first, because I love vampires and vampire stories, Anita was snarky and tough, and I had a total crush on Richard.

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So… back when I was in college, I used to subscribe to a magazine called the Writer’s Journal. I first stumbled across it when we were in Italy, at the base book store. It was cheap and it gave me something to do, because of the bi-monthly Write-to-Win contests, in which they provided a starter sentence or phrase and you finished it off in 1500 words or less.

One of my stories won, and back then, the only prize the magazine offered was one-time publication and the squee-factor of seeing my writing in print.

I let my subscription lapse years ago, mainly due to financial situations which made keeping magazines paid for difficult.

Tonight I can’t sleep, so I’m watching television and surfing the web, and I stumble across that same little magazine in a listing on Curious to see if they’re doing the Write-to-Win, I googled and discovered that yes, they are, and that now, the winner also gets $150.

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So, I’ve been thinking about doing one of those 30-days-of memes that everyone’s been doing this past summer. A little late, I know, but this is me we’re talking about… always late to the party.

The one I’ve decided to do is “Thirty Days of Books” or reading or however you want to term. So, for the next 30 days, I’ll be spending at least a paragraph on books. Hopefully, my reading habits won’t bore you. Or frighten you all away. ;-)

The list of topics are below the cut and I’ll be starting tomorrow, I think. You can consider this a “master post” as I’ll probably edit it to like the questions back to their own post.

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… but sometimes you read things on the Internet that really stand out.

Or make you go “WTF?”

Woman Obsessed with Facebook Game Neglects Kids, Starves Dogs

I don’t know what to say.  I have known people who spend a lot of time on the computer, playing games.  I am sometimes one of those.  But to me ‘a lot of time of time on the computer’ is me having the computer on while I clean the house whether I’m on it or not.  I play Sims games, but usually for a couple of hours during the school week, because I share the computer it’s on with my daughter.  I do Facebook, but it’s first thing in the morning, before school, while I’m having my coffee. (If at all, because I don’t think I’ve touched FB except to upload pictures from my cell phone in over a week. Ooops.)

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I don't know where this came from, exactly, and yes, it is something like crack.

Below the cut are 3 macros: one gen, and two Sherlock/Firefly quote thingies. 

Click Here )

Screencaps courtesy of enchantedfleur.  Firefly quotes courtesy of

These macros and more (hopefully) can be found at my Tumblr.
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A couple of weeks ago, when Livejournal first announced their plans to integrate Twitter/FB/Livejournal, a whole bunch of people were having fun in the comments of the news post - with the captcha messages. 

Someone posted a link to a blog called Captchart, where you make art (anything from scribbles to macros) using the messages a captcha gives you. 

Well, I've gone and submitted one.  It hasn't been approved yet, but I've put it up on my own macro's tumblr, too, because... I don't know what else to do with it and I've been toying with the idea of making more.  And because, yeah, I need another blog like I need a hole in the head. ;-)

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I have been totally obsessed with BBC's Sherlock recently, and as such, have been thinking about crossovers I would love to see fanworks for. 

The most obvious:

Doctor Who & Torchwood

but I'd also like to see:

House, MD

Recs (because I have them)

A Study In Time - an awesomely wonderful, totally brilliant vid/trailer for a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover, by [ profile] di_br

Nothing Human is Alien to Me - and equally as awesome Sherlock/Torchwood crossover, in which Sherlock proclaims Jack to be "impossible" and Lestrade is groped in his car (among other things) , by [ profile] marag

Okay, so... if anyone has recs they'd love to share re: the above crossovers... fic, vids, manips, macros... feel free to share the love!

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So, this really hasn't been a very good summer for me (two ear infections and a sore throat so bad I couldn't talk for a few days), but I keep seeing on my flist doing these "30 days of..." something memes, whether it's writing, reading, musics, whatever. 

I'm curious about doing a few of them, so if any one you are out there doing them, can you point in the direction of... well, the directions? 
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I’ve been thinking a lot about September 11, 2001 this past week.  In that, I know that I am not alone.  Today, in the United States and all over the world, people just like me have spent at at the very least, a few minutes in thoughtful reflection, saying prayers, or remembering where we were that day.

I cannot tell you how much it pains me that, nine years later, we are still fighting the war we embarked upon after these attacks.  Twice since September 11, 2001, I have kissed my husband good-bye and watched him board a plane bound for Afghanistan.  Twice I have told my children “Daddy will be okay.  He’ll be home before you know it” and then spent fifteen months  praying that I won’t have lied to them. 

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Which is pretty much what I’ve been thinking today.  We bought my daughter new sneakers last month and she came to me yesterday morning, wearing them, plopped her foot up on the chair next me and said “THIS is where my toes are!”

All the way at the end of the shoe.

In other words, she’s already outgrown them!

Ugh.  Off to Kmart!

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Things I should be getting done today:  cleaning the kitchen before company arrives later today… and the bathroom… and the livingroom

What I’ve actually done:  updated all of my WordPress blogs to the newest version, including plugins and themes and imported my old Vox blog to my own domain (since Vox is closing its doors).

Yeah.  I know.  So pathetic.

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So... the Powers That Be at LJ still have not done/said anything about the cluster fuck that is allowing comments to cross-post to Twitter and Facebook.

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE to cross-post things. I do it all the time, from dreamwdith to lj, from the blog(s) on my personal domains to lj. From Twitter to Facebook, from Twitter to my other blogs, etc. It serves a purpose: getting one idea/post/image/etc to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of steps.

HOWEVER... How livejournal handled it was abysmally WRONG. Instead of making it so that me, the user, can import/cross-post my own posts to FB/Twitter if I wanted to, and there by sharing them the world of FB/Twitter, Livejournal granted that permission to anyone and everyone who reads any post.   Not realizing that if we wanted the friends and family we have on our Facebooks and Twitters to read what we're talking about on Livejournal, we'd have simply posted that stuff to our Walls on our own.  Or, at the very least, posted our own link.  

Could this have been handled differently?  You betcha!  Are there FB and/Twitter features I wouldn't mind seeing?  Sure, why not.  But until LJ figures out how to handle this better, and makes the effort to comprehend what their users want from their service, I won't get my hopes up.

Which, btw, leads me to the  true of crux of this post... trying to figure out what to do about my LJ. 

I use it for posting fanfic mostly, with the occasional personal post.  I got this DW account last year, mostly just have to have.  Every once in a while, I try to cross-post and maintain it, but usually I just fall back on my LJ.  I've had it longer, after all, and I guess I just get in the habit of going there first.  All my friends are there... all my comms are there.  

In light of recent events, however, I'm thinking about using the DW as my primary journal, and just using my LJ account to post to any comms that don't migrate (because I've noticed that the comms I'm on aren't discussing this at all).  

I can do this in a couple of different ways. 

A) I can just continue to post, only removing comments from my LJ, thereby forcing commenters to come to the dreamwdith post. 


B) I can totally lock up my LJ, with the exception of the obligatory "One Open Post" which would point people to my DW and whatever else I wanted them to know, and then simply use that account to post links to my fic (located at DW) 

Thoughts... dear f-list... which, if I were to do it, makes the most sense to you and why?

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Well, this year, my little girl is in 5th grade. For her school, it’s the top of the school, her final year. In June, she’ll graduate and head off to Middle School. Next year, while she’s in middle school, her brother will start pre-K. Yeah, I did tear up a little when I realized it.

Traditional First Day Pictures

More beneath the cut…

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So, LiveJournal has decided to enrage a lot of people by adding the ability to cross-post to Twitter and Facebook.

A lot people are worried about someone accidentally cross-posting something and then having it get back to the wrong people (ie. our families, bosses, etc).

It's a valid concern.

However, after doing some looking at it, I have pretty much discovered that the only way to cross-post to a FB or Twitter account, right now, is to go into your settings and connect your FB or Twitter. If you don't, the cross-post tickies on the bottom of the comments are unclickable. At least, they're unclickable for me, when I've tested it with my journal and those on my flist.

So, all we have to do is not connect their FB/Twitters and then things go back to mostly normal.

(I've also noticed that it appears to be only comments that are cross-postable, because the ticky boxes don't appear on the bottom of actual posts. I've only seen them after I click on link to leave a comment. Can anyone else confirm or deny this? )

And now, to do my part... I promise, dear flist, never to connect my LJ to my Twitter or Facebook, thereby denying myself the unwanted ability to cross-post anything I read on LJ to my Twitter or Facebook.

ETA: Have edited my post to reflect that it's not just a fandom concern. I'm sorry if I inadvertently offended anyone.
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So I'm looking at my au_bingo table (sadly, very empty) and have been pondering which of the prompts are actually feasible for me to write.

Today, I'm looking at Other: Disney and Other: Film Noir.

What do you think, flist?

Beckett & Castle ala "the Princess and the Frog" or Leroy Jethro Gibbs as a surly hard-boiled detective with a past he can't escape?
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*is dead now*

When, exactly, do we expect more of this series? 

They can't leave it like that!!!


Aug. 30th, 2010 12:09 am
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Have just finished watching A Study In Pink and The Blind Banker.  Can I keep them?  Please?

Sherlock Holmes musings )

And look... it was co-created by Steven Moffat, who's Doctor Who related stuff I totally adore.  I can keep him, too, yes no?

Of course, I'm totally blaming my sudden fixation on British television shows on you, [personal profile] azarsuerte.  All your fault... totally. 
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Went to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens with [personal profile] angelsgracie and my kids. Took the boat tour, and saw lots of birds and flowers and assorted bugs.

Also saw an American Bald Eagle, one of 5 that are nesting there. Isn't he gorgeous?

From Norfolk botanical garden
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I've been at these, to possibly put on my Kindle and read, you know, when my Kindle gets here.  But I am totally not sure where to start.  I know a few of you on my flist read comics and Batman in parrticular.  If there's any go ones in that archive I definitely should read, lemme know, okay?

Or, if you know where I can get better/different ones, I'd be interested in that, too.

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