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My daughter is ten years old (almost eleven) and in the fifth grade. She has to do a book report and the book needs to be a mystery. I’ve suggested Nancy Drew to her, because I started reading them at her age, and it’s… you know, Nancy Drew. But I was wondering if there weren’t any other age-appropriate mystery stories I could point her to, as well? Just for flavor.

It cannot be the Cam Jensen series, because that’s lower than her current reading level and her teachers specifically nixed those. I know I have some avid readers and a couple of librarians who might be reading this, so if you have an recs you can throw at, we’d be grateful. :-)

Date: 2010-11-04 12:40 pm (UTC)
medie: Yannick Bisson as Frank Hardy, Jaime Ray Newman as Nancy Drew (books - frank and nancy - otp)
From: [personal profile] medie
Trixie Belden? The Bobbsey Twins?

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