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A friend and I have been talking about the need (for both of us) to exercise more often. She was doing well when she was doing the Weight Watchers program, but hasn’t been doing that recently due to monetary constraints. I just plain suck at following through if I don’t have a “buddy” to keep me motivated.

We’ve vowed to to this together. Share how we’re doing and keep each other going.

She’s got four days on me, so far, but now that my house isn’t totally wrecked from the bathroom renovations and I have my Gazelle up and working, I’ve done two days in a row.

Today… 2.24 miles, for a total of 272.0 calories burned. I did 2 miles even yesterday, and 245 calories. Not too shabby.

Don’t be surprised if I post on this every couple of days, just so I can keep track on my own.

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